Quarter reconstruction project

There is a quarter in the historic part of Baku, which is confined between Murtuza Mukhtarov, Suleyman Tagizadeh, Nizami, and Rza Guliyev streets. The quarter mainly consists of buildings, built at the end of XIX century.

Unfortunately, most of them are in unfit condition, both technically and visually – and people, who lived there for almost two centuries are to be blamed for this in the first place. Due to multiple façade redesigns, addition of storys, vertical extensions, constructive changes, apartment remodellings these buildings are in awful technical and visual shape.

That’s why issue of radical reconstruction of the quarter, creating better living conditions for its residents, providing new functions to preserved buildings, transforming it into an attractive area for city residents and tourists is on agenda.

For this purpose, analysis of the technical shape of buildings in this quarter and evaluation of their historical and practical value was conducted.

As a result, my recommendation was to preserve two buildings within the quarter reconstruction project: the first one is the house of Rza bey Alibeyov, a monument of architecture, built by St. Petersburg architect Nikolay Dmitriyevich Prokofyev and the second one is a historic two-story building, located on Suleyman Tagizadeh Street. I recommended to demolish the rest and build new mid-rise architecture on their place.