«Happiness comes with the teapot», says an old Chinese proverb. Indeed, if you have a beautiful teapot, then your life will certainly be filled with joy and taste. At home, in the office, and in the country house – everywhere I am surrounded by beautiful and high-quality tablewear. I love plates, porcelain figurines, vases, candy bowls, candlesticks, cups and, of course, teapots. There is a reason for a saying that «Tea is tastier in a good teapot» or «You drink tea to forget the noise of the world». First teapot from my collection was acquired a very long time ago – when because of it I had to buy myself a whole Japanese service for 12 people in a store on April 28th Street. Then, during the Soviet era, it was impossible to buy a separate beautiful teapot – they simply were not sold. My favorite teapots? There are a lots of them, or rather all! Each of them reminds me of a little story – and these memories are the most precious: here is a teapot given by Naib from London, and this one was sent by Elsa from Canada, and this one is a birthday present from Sabina, and this one was bought with Zaur on a ferry in Finland, and this one, white with gold ornaments – was purchased with my last money, when things were not going so well … You know, my teapots help me live: in unpleasant periods of life, I stop by a beautiful tableware store and… I make myself a luxurious gift by buying a beautiful Teapot). And all the bad things are forgotten! No wonder the observant Chinese say: «The whole universe fits in a teapot». Maybe that’s why I have so many of them?