«Contemporary Azerbaijan Architects. 2010»

30 AZN


The book displays designs by many leading architects currently working in Azerbaijan. Rapid positive changes in the country, stable and dynamic social development and economic growth have brought to a construction boom in Baku, the capital, and many other Azerbaijan cities.

Thousands of public and residential buildings, cultural venues, clinics, sport complexes, roads, bridges and multilevel road junctions have been built after designs by Azerbaijani architects during last years. Dozens of new cities and villages have been started and are developing thanks to the government program for regional innovation. Many temples (a Russian church, Catholic cathedral, synagog and a number of mosques) have been erected and reconstructed after local-made designs, which witnesses the people’s tolerance despite a part of the country being occupied by Armenia for the last twenty years.

Architects of Azerbaijan have substantially succeeded on the international arena with their designs and constructions in the world’s many leading capitals and continuous awards at many international contests. Architects’ role in modern Azerbaijan society is continuously growing; local designs really interest people both domestically and abroad.

This publication represents an effort to introduce designs by Azerbaijan architects to non-professional readers.