«Contemporary Azerbaijan Architects. 2008»

30 AZN


Designs by the leading architects of today’s Azerbaijan are presented in this book. The publication is the first attempt to comprise contributions by Azerbaijani architects since 1990s, when the country regained its independence, till the present.

Agile positive changes occurring in Azerbaijan and the stable and dynamic development of the society have caused a construction boom in Baku and the other cities; thousands of public and residential buildings, cultural structures, sport complexes, roads, bridges, and road junctions have been constructed, and dozens of new cities and villages have been founded, for recent years by Azerbaijani architects’ designs. Numerous mosques, churches and synagogues have been built in the country, which proves the Azerbaijani’s tolerance.

The architects of Azerbaijan have also substantially succeeded abroad, designing and building for the world’s greatest capitals and permanently winning awards at many international contests and biennales. An architect’s role in today’s Azerbaijan society steadily grows; designs by local architects attract attention common and true.

Thus, a systematic and popular presentation of designs by leading Azerbaijan architects has been demanded, which this book is the first serious effort on.