«The period of Stalinist architecture. Architecture of Baku in the 1940-1960s of the XX century»

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Baku is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Walking through the streets of the ancient city, as if in a time machine, you travel through the stages and study the history of the development of world architecture. Baku presents both ancient mysterious buildings, and stunningly beautiful medieval architecture, and the luxurious imperial period of «Art Nouveau» of the late XIX – early XX centuries, and the era of grandiose brutal experiments of constructivism of the 1920-1930s, and the «Stalin Empire» of the period of 1940- 1950s, and the period of impersonal «Khrushchev» architecture of the 1960s, and the harsh late Brezhnev style of «Socialist modernism» of the 1970s-1980s. And the city today is one of the world centers of modern architecture of the beginning of the XXI century.

Baku in the 1940-1960s was the most important city and the largest industrial center of the Soviet Union, one of the centers of the «Stalinist» architecture of the USSR. During this period, the leading architects of the great country designed in Baku, leaving behind magnificent architectural monuments, «national in form and socialist in content» – as they wrote then – which we are rightfully proud of and cherish today. We invite you on a journey through Baku in 1940-1960 – a unique period of «warm» architecture, full of joy and light, love and comfort.