«Maryam’s journey»

The book «Maryam’s journey» is a first of a kind literary project in Azerbaijan.
There were virtually no high-quality children’s books in the Azerbaijani language in 2009. There was an acute shortage of interesting and educational children ‘s literature, able to compete with printed product of the European countries in terms of content and quality of publishing. As a result, children knew little of the history and culture of their homeland.
Striving to improve the exisiting situation, the authors initiated a literary project that included the publication of book series in the Azerbaijani language. The books were written in the form of the fairy tale with the main heroine that, in quest to find the answer to the question «What is the most important thing in the world?», travels to the regions of Azerbaijan, meeting with the people, seeing the architectural memorials, learning about traditions and customs by immersing into national culture.
Together with the heroine, young readers learn about the unique nature of their native land, travel to past and meet with the historic personalities, who brought glory to Azerbaijan.
Every chapter of the book is accompanied by exercises for children, aimed to the development of logical and creative thinking, attention, memory, and speaking. All while exercises are thematically linked with the book’s content.
The book also contains additional information, which could be interesting to the adult audience as well.