«Baku Residence Design and Planning Institute»

Baku is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Everything is impressive in this huge megalopolis – terraces of  neighbourhoods coming down to the sea, mild southern climate, the people’s charm and, of course, fine architecture, whose roots start  long, long ago. A city of many millions of residents, Baku is not only a huge Eurasian economic and cultural centre, but also a hub extremely complicated in terms of development, whose problems the most prominent Azerbaijani and leading international architects have worked on.

Baku’s history is also inseparable from activities by Bakghiprogor’s multinational team. This designing institute was established in 1937; today, we’re celebrating the Institute’s 75th anniversary. The book displays numerous designs by the Institute’s talented architects, who beautified Baku in different years. They adopted experiences from earlier generations of architects who had lived in Baku and created Baku. For the first time, unique designs, drawings, photos and other materials from Bakghiprogor’s archive have been presented to general public.

They say architecture isn’t just an art to build, but also one  to tell stories.  Writers use words for this while architects do it with structures.  A building is to tell the story of the  place and the city’s culture. Therefore, we are proud to invite you, Dear Reader, for a walk around Baku, whose unprecedented beauty our efforts have noticeably contributed to as well, which is the outcome of many years’ work by all professional generations of the Baku Residence Design and Planning Institute.